Yesterday we celebrated Woman’s Day here in South Africa, another of the many celebrations that reminds me of the unfair way in which my forefathers treated the African people in this amazing country I reside in.  Some of the events of the past really remind me of how the Nazi’s treated the Jews and that is nothing to be proud of.  What infuriates me the most is when friends and family make the comment that ‘they all look the same’.   African people do not all look the same, sound the same, think the same … and really, we have such incredible talent in this country that truly needs to be celebrated.
But, aside from the holiday, yesterday my boys and I headed to the Glen to get Jarod some sandals as he goes off to camp tomorrow.  I browsed through Exact then headed to Shoe City.  While in Shoe City, I saw a gorgeous pair of grey peep toe shoes marked down to R89.  I don’t have any grey shoes and decided to take them for myself.  Then I go the boys each a new pair of sneakers and the sandals for Jarod.  When at the counter, I remembered a gift card they had given us at the time of them opening the store, which was way back in September 2009.  I asked the saleslady if it was still valid, as I was sure it would have been void by now,  and when she swiped it, she told me that I’m really lucky as most of the people had only received R20 vouchers and mine was R100, which equates to me getting my indulgent pair of shoes for free.
I then headed to Fashion Express and bagged a Cerise Pink shift dress which I’d spotted on Saturday, a deep pink jersey and a long dreamy blue/grey summer dress – all at 50% off which left me feeling, well, left me with no guilt feelings at all.
Don’t you just love it when you get shoes for free?

My pretty necklace made by gorgeous daughter Mis T.

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1 Comment on Woman’s Day Bargain

  1. Karen
    11 August 2010 at 07:33 (11 years ago)

    Free shoes – too good to be true!
    Where’s the photos of your bargain finds? 😀