Yes, I think I need to make one so that when my birthday rolls around next month, I can send schatzie and the family here for ideas … lol.
Anyway, here’s my wish list for the moment:
  1. Have a consultation with Jane Shonfeld … I’d love a personal wardrobe and shopping consultation with her.  She has a little piece in the July 2010 O Oprah Magazine, South Africa.  She says, and its really quite true when looking at the younger generation I work with and their clothes and attitude towards work, that … “Personal image raises confidence and enhances the company brand”.  Just think about it, when you know you look good, your attitude reaffirms it.  How you approach your job and life changes completely and you’re more confident and assured about yourself.
  2. Have my lounge/dining room made over by Thom Filicia .. he does ‘classic simplicity with an unexpected, modern flair’ to perfection.  I just adore him and his style.
  3. A new car … just a little one … either the Daihatsu Sirion, Chev Aveo, Hyundai i10 or even the little Hyundai Atos. 
  4. A day at the spa.
  5. That my bedroom and bathroom were designed, decorated and delivered.
  6. A flight ticket for my daughter to come home and visit.

  7. This gorgeous ring

Just a little wish list … nothing too flashy or expensive, except possibly getting Thom Filicia to visit and make over my areas would cost a pretty penny, I’m sure.
… dream, just a little dream!

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  1. cat
    6 July 2010 at 13:16 (12 years ago)

    Oh I love that ring.