This morning I received a short video clip from a friend of a scene from “Married with Children”.  Penny has a magazine with some kind of questionnaire and she asks Al, ‘who would you rather spend the night with? a) Your wife or b)’ and before she finishes asking, he answers ‘b)’.

I get the humour, don’t misunderstand me, but I find it rather sad that there is so much anti marriage/relationship jokes and comments around.

Have we as a society truly lost the plot?

I think we have.

As I have mentioned to two or three friends in the last two weeks, it saddens me to look around and see that there are so few inspiring marriages around.  All around I see people splitting up, living separate lives and on and on and it almost makes me as a singleton feel that there’s not much chance of a healthy committed relationship.

Well, thats my thought this Wednesday morning.

Have a magical day.