What if, after all, there is no devil leading us astray and causing us to commit atroscious acts?

What if, after all, what we are perceiving as ‘the devil’ is in fact just the harvest of all our previous deeds, choices, thoughts and actions?

What if, we stopped blaming some archaic idea conjured up by the churches to scare people into doing their bidding and controlling them by making them believe that there is this dark evil running amok causing them to think, do and act in horrid ways. What if? What if!

What if, there is no judgement day?

What if, each time we realise we’ve done something that hurts another, the way we beat ourselves up and punish ourselves is all the ‘judgement’ there really is after all?

What if, when we step into the ‘light’ we find that on the other side are all the other beings and we’re loved and celebrated and not held to some unattainable goal of purity?

Just some thoughts that float around in my head at times.

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