.. 2010 sure departed in a hurry!   It was year of mixed emotions for me.  I battled severly with the depression for the first six month, not realising how badly I was depressed after my daughter left to the USA.  In all honesty, it was as if someone had ripped my right hand off my body.  As much as I tried to prepare myself, you are never prepared for it.  Suddenly, my backup in almost all aspects of my life was gone and my whole world was turned topsy turvey.

I would drop the little one’s off at school and cry all the way to the office.  It happened for months on end and I just could not understand what was going on.  I must give G-man credit for hanging in with me over that time as it could not have been easy. 

Once I acknowledged how badly her leaving had affected me, I suddenly started to get a grip on my life and things picked up fantastically. So, I’m not one for ‘New Years’ resolutions … I just feel I set myself up to fail by 10 am on the 1st of the year, however, I do have things I’m considering changing, bettering, improving, trying and generally trying to make my and my families lives better.
It goes without saying to ‘live a life of truth’ … which I’ve tried to do for about 3 years and a lot of people don’t quite understand it.  It’s not ‘be nasty’, but ‘be honest’ – as much as possible and always, although sometimes that’s rather difficult.  I feel the age old ‘say nothing if you nothing nice to say’ is always a good suggestion to follow.
I intend to do the following :
  • complete my matric – finally
  • purchase a new vehicle
  • keep with the weigh less programme
  • walk more often
  • get a ‘do-able’ workout routine established
  • read more
  • keep working at looking stylish
  • find a hairstyle and colour I love
  • clear off my credit cards
  • keep on having dinner with my sisters once a month
I must say, 2011 has started off fantastically … my daughter Taryn arrived for a visit from Houston today – my heart is bursting.  13 days with her home … how awesome is that … pity I have to share her with so many people though.
We did not tell anyone in the family she was coming over.  G-man and I headed to the airport and collected her and then got her to stroll into the garden.  Courteney came tearing down the stairs unable to say a word and flew out the door and wrap herself around Taryn.  Liam came out and circled wide asking ‘who’s that’?  When he saw it was Taryn, he just hugged her and tears welled up in his eyes.  Eventually Jarod made it outside and was just stunned to see her standing there.  Liam said she’s gotten short … lol … silly boy does not realise it’s him who has grown.
I invited my sisters and Mom around for tea … well, I so wish we’d gotten the looks and reactions.  They were all so surprised.  I get all teary just thinking about their reactions.
Motherhood – no one tells you how many times your heart gets ripped out of your chest.
~::~ ~::~ ~::~
A real live lion cub … G-man and I

The last few days we have been so busy as G-mans best friend who lives in the UK and his girlfriend have spent a few days with us.  We’ve been pretty busy since they’ve been here entertaining. 

Yesterday we took a drive out to the Lion Park.

I love cats … teeny weeny kitty cats all the way to great big Tigers … it was fantastic to spend a few minutes petting lion cubs.  They are so gorgeous, pity we couldn’t cuddle them tough.  There were quite a few in the enclosure and we were only allowed 5 inutes per group with them.

We also walked around and saw leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, meerkats, jakkals and hyaenas.  Then we drove throught the park, where we have white lions right up next to the car … exhilirating and terrifying all at once.

Up close and person … a white lion looking into the cab of the bakkie

No outfit posts … hopefully they’ll resume soon … just as soon as my life starts to take on a form of normality.

Happy and Stylish 2011 to y’all.

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1 Comment on Welcome 2011

  1. Shybiker
    2 January 2011 at 00:45 (11 years ago)

    I’m happy to hear your report the new year is starting right. It must be wonderful to have your daughter home.

    I’m sorry about the first half of last year. I didn’t know you then and wasn’t aware of your struggles before now. My sympathy on the hardship you went through. And my praise on the strength you found to endure it.

    2011 is gonna be a great year for all of us. Let’s start enjoying it!