I’ve mentioned weight before and then it fell by the wayside, because other things were going on which I know are such a poor excuse but they’re my excuse all the same, but I’ve decided that I can’t put it off any longer. 
Next week, come 2 November, I will take my bootie down the road and jointhe weighless group that meets there.   I have asked my sister if she’d like to join me, and whether or not she does, I’m doing this!
I’ve also decided to get my bootie out of bed a little earlier and go for a walk in the morning.  I am desperately searching for the walking plan I found about two weeks ago, but irrespective of whether I find it or not, I am going to walk from tomorrow morning.  I like in a gorgeous hilly neighbourhood which is just where they suggest you walk, so I have no excuses. 
It’s time … I’d like to drop a few kilo’s for me – luckily my G-man thinks I’m hot just as I am, but I want to feel better about me 🙂
So, here we go ….

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