Well … I got on anyway this morning and it almost did  make me cry, but I have been weighing myself regularly, so it wasn’t a big shock.  The only difference is that I weigh myself first thing in the morning in my birth suit, whereas this morning I was weighed with my clothing on – maybe I’m just mentioning this to make myself feel better?  But today, almost two years later and months of telling myself I should get back on the bandwagon, I went back to Weigh-Less.

Another motivator is that I earn Vitality points as well and I’m almost at the next level where I earn more discounts at Clicks and Dischem.


After the weigh in, I headed to gym and hit the treadmill for a good 15 minutes fatburn session of the treadmill.  As I was leaving, the owner of the gym pointed me to the work out room – oh no way sir, but he did ask if I’ve ever had an assessment and I don’t remember doing it, but he convinced me to book in for one on Friday morning – and no coffee beforehand … yikes.



Height   :  1.63cm (I’ve lost another 3cms of height and that’s worrying to me)
Weight  :   80.1kgs (I have never ever in my entire life, including pregnancies, weighed this much)

My first meal on the new plan was my breakfast which was 100ml low fat yoghurt and 25g of Weigh-less Fruit Muesli.

So, now that the worst part of the day is over – let me ask you, how’s your day going?

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