It’s just gone 19:00 and my feet are sooooooooo sore.  I’ve been a busy girl cooking … I made Lasagne for dinner for tomorrow evening, a lovely roast topside which we just had for dinner this evening, with cauliflower au gratin, rice and potato chips – it turned out to be a pretty white dinner, but the meat was divine and the gravy … finger licken good.
I also made a batch of pancakes and put a little of the left over lasagne mince in with cheese for G-man for lunch tomorrow … as well as some rice, beef curry (which I made on Saturday but it was not eaten as he and Jazz went to Calistos with the guys from his ride and had prego rolls) and cauliflower.  Since he’s always hungry, two filled pancakes would just not be enough.
We had a good time at Gold Reef City on Friday.  The kids were surprised and enjoyed themselves.  I have pictures up on my Facebook profile which you can view if you’re a friend.  Saturday I was up by 06:15 – no idea why, but I was all slept out.  I got up and did the laundry as I had not got any done on Thursday and since I gave Felicia the day off to take her mom to the doctor, I would have had to hang it all up before we left.  I thenputtered around the house and spent some time uploading photos, playing a little on my site and finally finished a scrapbook page.  Next thing I knew, the day was almost over.  G-man went dirt road riding for the afternoon.
Today we woke up at 09:00 – I slept and slept, which was new as I’m usually up early.  But I was so tired and guess I needed the sleep.
I’m about ready to head off to bed right now!  One more day of holiday and then the little people are back at school.  I know they wouldn’t mind a few more days off though.
In fact, I can’t believe how quickly the six weeks whizzed by.  Tonight is the World Cup Final … I’m hopeful for Nederlands, but think that Spain may just win. 
Well, that’s all from me for today.  Best go get organised for work tomorrow.
Enjoy your Sunday – ’til next time … Ciao

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  1. Karen
    12 July 2010 at 08:40 (12 years ago)

    I am impressed with all the cooking you have done! I NEVER do it; cooking in advance…