Its a grey and wet rainy Friday here in Jozie … I have plans for the weekend though which include
1.  Taking the zone ruler photos, creating the ruler and submitting it … this is now beyond urgent.
2.  Paint my chair with this the RustOleum Distressed Ivory kit.  I can’t wait to get it done … then it’s just to get the seat done and covered and finally, after about 5 years of saying I must get this done, I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I just need to decide what fabric to use … I keep changing my mind, but I’m leaning towards a silver grey and white stripe as it can go with anything just by changing a cushion.
3.  Paint the words on the side of the two new boxes I bought for the corner closet in the kitchen.
4.  Do more searching to see if I can find all the spice labels I need for the jars.  I may also head down to Westpac and get a few more glass jars for the spices.
5.  Print photos for the frames in the lounge … I think Schatz put them in about May and still I have not put any pictures into them … not that there is a lack of photos, it’s more that there is too much choice and narrowing it down is more my problem … but I do need to get it done.
6.  Plant baby fuschias … they’ve really done well in their original little pots, but I must give them new homes as well as feed all the potted plants.
What do you have planned for the weekend … and if you’re a Jo’burg Fashionista … are you attending the expo this weekend?

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3 Comments on Weekend projects

  1. Shybiker
    28 September 2012 at 13:12 (9 years ago)

    Ambitious! I may get out of bed. That’s about it. 🙂

  2. TAnna
    28 September 2012 at 16:47 (9 years ago)

    Sounds like a full booked weekend!!! I am working Saturday and have Sunday booked off so I can study for my Exams this week 🙂

  3. Lynette
    28 September 2012 at 18:34 (9 years ago)

    You do have a busy weekend planned. Me? I am off to Plett tomorrow morning;-)