Todays Weigh In :
Weight                        : 78.4 kgs = 172.5 lbs

Gained this week      : 200g = 0lb 7.0548oz
Total loss to date      : 700g
Goal weight              : 74 kgs (Goal set according to Weigh Less calculation)
To reach goal            : 4.4 kg

It’s really difficult not to let it get you down when you’ve been exercising and mostly keeping to the eating plan (to say that I did not indulge in anything bad is putting it mildly – I declined so many nice things and really behaved better than the week before)  to then hop on the scale, fully expecting it to be going in the downwards direction, only to see it climb a little.

Now 200g = 0lb 7.0548oz is not a lot and since I had been doing some (Blog)Pilates and could feel the muscles getting bulkier, it could well be that I’m building muscle, which in fact weighs more than fat.  But, lets see how I go … feeling a little disappointed and despondent at the moment.

How are you doing?

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