This is how it went :

Weight today :  79.2 kgs

Gain of 100g over the last week

Well, I did not get off to a good start and am not at all surprised by the 100 grams gain, and its all my own fault and a case of bad planning and some serious craziness that’s gone on – like a visit to UIF on Friday morning where I forgot my snack and water behind, spending Monday morning having my son having his arm xrayed and finding he’d fractured it and all that without breakfast or snack and then rushing yesterday to try and secure an earlier interview date at the US Embassy – shew – poor excuses, but they do influence the days rhythm anyway.

I now have a goal to work towards as well and the goal is that my ex in-laws are paying for me to fly to the USA to attend my daughters wedding and I’d like to look better, leaner and fitter by the end of December – that gives me two months to get ‘down ‘n dirty’!  She moved the date from 9th November to January when her Dad told her that this was happening.

I’m going to be planning my meals for the next week and am working towards doing a few more blogilate workouts and to keep hitting the gym.A little disappointed because I did not prepare well, but as I said, not surprised, but happy it wasn’t more.So friend, how’s your week going?

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