Its so unbelievable that again, Friday has found us.  How is it possible that the days seriously feel as though they’re speeding up.
We have lots of little itty jobs to do this weekend such as
  • shopping for the princess who leaves for a week long school trip on Monday. 
  • Get to my niece for a wax. 
  • Get the rest of my little mans birthday gifts as he turns 10 on Sunday.  Their dad sent money and we got him another controller for the Wii from him.  G-man also got him a game for the Wii from us and his brother bought him a wooden puzzle a good few weeks back which needs to be wrapped.  He has said he wants the board game Clue, so I need to get that.
  • I’d love to stop by the nursery and get the Strelitzia I have my eye on for the front bed I’m out on the pavement. Got the Strelitzia and then some.
  • Gift for my nephew whose birthday was on the 7th.
  • Start sanding down the chair for my future boudoir (I need to get it sanded so that I can take it down to the blind society to have the rattan redone on the backrest).
The birthday boy has agreed to celebrate next weekend as the week just slipped by, and he would like to go to The Magic Company with his friends. 
Should there be a free second for me this weekend, I’d like to do a little more work on my scrapbooking and possibly get around to printing a few hundred photos/sorting a few hundred in anticipation of actually scrapbooking.  I started getting a kit that I bought back in February 2009 (shhhhh its embarasing enough) cut out and ready to scrap, then realised that I was not sure which photos to use.  I had a set all ready, but then was not too sure they were the right ones for the layout – this happens often, but at least most of the cutting, inking, chalking is done for when I do use it. 

I will also be keeping an eye out for linen for my future bedroom.  I bought two cushions yesterday and although I’d seen a set of linen last month, when I went back to the site they say it’s sold out.  Disappointing, but who knows, maybe a blessing in disguise as the colour and texture are never quite what they seem when viewing it on a site.

Rock on Friday … have a fabulous weekend.

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