I’m sitting in the tranquil setting of the gorgeous little house I rent. There is a koi pond just outside and from where I’m sitting at the kitchen counter, which is my #lockdown office, I can just see it and thanks to the peacefulness of the neighbourhood, I can hear the water. The wind is rustling through the leaves bringing a cool breeze. The sun is out and the sky is a beautiful shade of periwinkle blue. By all accounts, it feels like a Sunday.

I was wondering earlier, on a flight of fancy, where I’d like to go to once the #lockdown is lifted and we begin our new lives, and the first place I thought of (besides of course visiting my kids in the USA) was, of all places, Italy.

Yes, Italy. Yes, crazy. Yes, yes yes! Our rand is now at junk status, who knows if things will be more affordable or ridiculously expensive – I hope people take a calm approach and realise that rebuilding at a slow and steady pace, and sacrificing in the meantime while you rebuild, may be the path of least resistance and most sustainable.

But that’s beside the point. I still want to visit Italy. I will float down the canals in Venice on a Gondola – snapping selfies along the way.


On my way to Tuscany, I’ll make sure to see the highlights of each city along the way. I’m not sure what sparked my interest in visiting Tuscany – maybe the movie “Under the Tuscan sky”, which may be proof that the romantic me has not died, yet. Somewhere deep in my memories is a vague memory of someone speaking to me about the amazing glasswork and olive oil made there.

I am visiting little villages atop hills and along mountainsides. I am going to meander their lanes, taking in the history and the whispers on the wind. Find hidden coffee houses where time has stood still. With children being free and running through the village barefoot, without a phone in their hands, their laughter causing lazing birds soaking in the sunshine to take flight.

Ah, lets take a trip … anyone keen to join me?

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