The BEST project you could ever work on is YOU!
Monday was another crazy day as I headed to the US Consulate for my Visa Interview.  I’m so excited that my Visa has been approved and I’ve been granted a 10 year multiple entry.  With two daughters in the USA its a relief to know that if I need to get there for any life events my biggest concern will be the airticket, not a Visa.  One of my goals, besides earning Vitality points for losing weight through my Weigh Less Programme (and a reduced membership fee) is that I’d really like to look healthier for my daughters wedding in January that I’m going to be attending.
So yesterday, although I did not eat all that I am expected to eat on my plan, and my timing was all off and where I’d usually have stopped at a garage on the way home for a quick snack, I instead kept control and ate a pack of muesli (dry oats are not the easiest to eat … lol) on my way home and finished off my first half litre of water.  My boys gym on a Monday and Wednesday evening and since I did not go to gym yesterday morning, I decided to join them.  I did the Weight Loss walk on the treadmill and some legs.
Drink your water!
I am glad that I love water and have since I was a girl, its just the retraining of the brain to remember to grab it before you reach for the kettle to make coffee.  So yesterday I actually consumed more than what I’m told I should and knocked back 2.5 liters.  I’m working on being more conscious about the amount of water I’m drinking.  With it being Summer here in the Southern Hemisphere its also easier to reach for the water.
As I looked at my blog this morning, I noticed a new post by Cassey over at Blogilates, so hopped on over there and noticed the Love Handle Hysteria workout under the weeks videos.  So I had a look and decided to join in … oh boy, although I could not do as many of each of the exercises that Cassey did, I gave it a good go.
While doing the routine, I decided to check out a few of her other routines and decided on the following as my weeks workouts (preparation in life is key) (I’m linking to the workouts so that I won’t waste time trying to find them)
Monday : Treadmill and three other leg machines at the gym
Tuesday :  Morning Love Handle Hysteria | Evening : Walk the dog with Schatz & Ab workout
Wednesday :  Morning : Treadmill and Elliptical Machine | Evening : Bikini Blaster 1 Workout
Thursday : Morning :  Bikini Blaster 2 : Sexy Legs | Evening : Walk the dog with Schatz
Friday : Morning : Treadmill and Elliptical Machine | Evening : Bikini Blaster 3 : Abs Abs Abs
Sunday : Morning : Possibly laps at the gym pool | Evening : Muffin top Massacre
What have you planned for the week?  Getting a little more active?  Eating a little healthier?  Cutting back on a bit of the sugar?
Do it for you first, not for them.

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