Remember my ‘wanna do list’

Well I got a thing or two ticked off : others are still in progress

Move my box upstairs and style it.

Print pictures for the still empty frames in the lounge – right – in progress.
Post a box to someone special (The box is ready and full and just needs to be labelled).
Gather items to create a Fall centre piece using this picture as inspiration … my vase is round though.  (Looking for acorns – anyone got some spare for me?
Drop items at the SPCA on the way to drop my Mom off at the casino.
Take my car for a wash.
Wash the rest of my winter jackets and coats.
Edit photographs – finally got my desk sorted so I can hook up to my screen as I’m battling on the laptop screen to edit.
Work on blog design – did some fiddling but am in search of  more personalised but well priced theme.  Am on a pretty tight budget at the moment.

Schatz went with me to drop off items at the SPCA and then we went to take the car for a wash.  While there we stopped in at the Chinese store and he bought me a lovely trench coat instead of chocolates or Easter.  I’ll share a picture late r- sadly though, the cream one that I tried on Friday was already sold and they did not have another in my size, so I went for the light khaki shade.  If I find it in cream again though, I’ll definitely buy it – and oh how I dream of a real Burberry … but that will happen only once I hit the Lotto ;-).

Happy day y’all.

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3 Comments on To do list update

  1. Lady of Style
    1 April 2013 at 13:26 (9 years ago)

    Congrats, you already achieved a lot. I know the lists… mine get longer and longer!

    I love Burberry too and always watch their London fashion shows via livestream together with my daughter. And we both keep on dreaming 😉

    Lady of Style

  2. TAnna
    1 April 2013 at 17:06 (9 years ago)

    SOunds like a success!! I wanna see what pictures you decide to put in the lounge.
    I miss you sooo much and love you

  3. Lynn
    3 April 2013 at 14:48 (9 years ago)

    I wish I knew about the acorns … there was a tree on the property in Wakkerstroom where we stayed … I could have brought you a whole lot!!!

    Good on you for getting some of the stuff on your To Do list done.

    Today I got a long outstanding thing done on my list … went to Home Affairs and applied for a new ID and passport … unfortunately couldn’t get Connor’s passport done as we needed Richard with us and he was stuck in a meeting in Pretoria.