My Miz T is starting her first day of College … in Houston, TX.  I wish I could give her a hug … she’s nervous, but I’m sure also excited and possibly a little scared… but I know she’ll survive.  She managed going from here to Germany, into an international school, then into the German school system, then she came back and survived and readjusted and did really well back in our school system.  No doubt, she’ll survive.
This is also the start of the next chapter of her life … a step closer to realising her dream … become more of the stunning and amazing woman I know she is.  She has a heart the size of Texas … I don’t know many young women her age who’d have given up as many hours to AIDS babies as she did.  She’s tough, she’s stubborn, but she is a natural carer … she looks after everyone around her … and she’s so darn good at it and we are missing you more each day.
Stay as amazing and wonderful as you are Miz T … you rock!

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