For the last two days my left eye has been ‘jumping’ … what the heck causes this?  It’s so darn irritating!  My mother, who had tons of weird ideas and beliefs and bought into major superstitions, used to say you were going to see someone you had not seen for a long time … someone else said it’s stress related.  Not sure, but whatever the reason, I wish it would just go away.
I’m a wee bit cranky – got sick kids and a potty-mouthed teen, much to my horror, embarrasment and disgust.  Yesterday just blew me away.
But what more can you do than take away their means of communication and delete their facebook profiles … what punishment is severe enough without beating them senseless?  Darn, this parenting gig is getting more challenging by the day.
But, things are moving along and today we are finally getting a visit from the architect who will hopefully have some drawings for us of the renovations and extension we are looking at for the house … rather exciting … and its also “Weigh-Less” this afternoon.  Not sure how I did, but I am hoping that since I did fall off the wagon a little this weekend I at least have not gained any weight … 17:00 I will know.
On the other side of the ‘healthy me’ and the part most often neglected is the exercise.  I’m VERY bad about exercising … but I decided to walk three times a week and last week I walked Wednesday and Friday morning and this week, I walked yesterday but we changed the route and pushed a little more and walked a bit further.  Tomorrow we’re walking again and will do the same route, but will add a little more distance on Friday.  When I got back yesterday I also did some ab exercises and arm exercising.  I’m not going crazy, but building up steadily otherwise, I know I’ll just back off if I push myself too far.
We had our Maine Coon shaved recently … he was a rescue cat and therefore I have no idea what he went through previously to becoming a part of our family, however, it was evident that he had suffered some abuse as he was terrified of people and it has taken three years to get him socialised … he’s become a sweet cat, although he is a little tempermental and totally averse to being brushed, which means that when his thick winter coat comes in, it ends up totally mattered and we have now had him shaved twice.  But, again they managed to nip his whiskers.

My big boy, Lucky

So, for the moment I think that’s all I have to say … it’s rather grey again here in the City of Gold and I wish I could be sitting as my scrapbook table finalising the page I worked on this weekend, but I have to work … Christmas is almos there and it’s a month until we head off on holiday … I am so lookibng forward to the beach.
Have a magically marvelous day.

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