• Tanna called me this morning and Skyped me a few minutes ago – she looks stunning – I miss her.
  • She really looks so much like Kirsten Stewart, it’s freaky.
  • Friday night Miss Bean had a date.
  • Young Liam slept out at a friend and is sleeping over there again this evening.
  • We brought home our new kitty – her name is Bobbi.  She’s feisty and cute and when mad, looks a heck of a lot like Yoda … lol.
  • Jarod went to play ‘Magic’ today and is spending the evening over at Connors.
  • We had KFC for dinner and the net result is horrid indigestion.
  • I finally lined two shelves in my wardrobe which means I’m much happier about putting my clothes in there.  I also packed quite a few goodies away.  Getting my room sorted which makes me happy. 
  • G-man and Richie finished the garage door today which was blown broken last weekend.
  • I painted my nails and did a mini facial this morning – which I usually only do on a Sunday.
  • I did my laundry on Thursday.  
  • I am trying to do more during the week to free up time for me on the weekend and more on Saturday so that Sunday evenings are not pressured.
  • I had the best chat in the line at KFC.  Its been ages since I had so much fun with a complete stranger … G-man and I ended up sitting with these two guys while we ate and they had us giggling like crazy.  I do so love gay men.
  • I had an ingrown eyelash – man have you ever had one?  Its horrid.
  • I watched three episodes of Two and a half men (with Charlie Sheen) – I loved that show.  Have not seen it since Ashton took over and can’t help wondering if he’s any good.
  • My big boy is not happy about the new addition to the household and is ignoring me 🙁
Its now Sunday … time to get to bed, hope your Saturday is fabulous.

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1 Comment on The weekend so far

  1. Lynn
    12 March 2012 at 15:58 (10 years ago)

    Busy day hey!!! My Saturday was stunning … got a whole lot of pages done.