One of my all time favourite style bloggers and inspirations is Annette from Bavaria in Germany.  She has an awesome post on her blog about her evolving style.  I could not have said it better if I’d written it myself … do visit her for awe inspiring style.

Image and post shamelessly stolen off of her blog … but linked … forgiveness already begged.


It’s all about style

When I sorted my photos and worked on this post I was hesitant to actually publish it. Not (only) because my skirt is shorter than I’d usually wear it and those ugly nude tights are visible but because of the overall style.

Until a couple of years ago, in the early days of my blog, my style was elegant, classy and often quite formal. I was comfortable with my style! When I look at those old posts now, I don’t feel that’s “me” any longer. Over the years I became more open and loved experimenting with new trends, incorporated them into my personal style, in a way I felt younger although I got older!
Now I’d wear a classic, elegant outfit from head to toe only for a formal occasion, that’s where it is appropriate.
I still prefer a feminine, sophisticated look but in the meantime my favourite is a mix of different styles, I love pairing elegant with cool, casual or edgy elements. And that’s exactly what I am missing when I look at this outfit.

The Pantone Institute selected Rose Quartz, a light pink, besides Serenity, a light blue as the colours of 2016 and I remembered my trenchcoat in a pink blush which I had in my wardrobe for many years. It is a lovely contrast to my navy blue boots, shirt and skirt and I chose my new little bag from Benetton as a classic accessory.

Change of style

Of course there is nothing wrong with this combination – BUT: I don’t feel comfortable in it any longer! The light pink is not my colour (nor is light blue by the way) and I feel too ladylike. That’s why I certainly won’t wear it again (and the coat will go to charity!)
Although I was reluctant to publish this post, I still did since I wanted to explain why it is so important to only wear clothes we feel comfortable in – no matter what others might say. Even if you know your style, don’t get stuck in a routine but remain open and adjust or change it if necessary – like I did at 53!

Take a photo!

Another tip: If you are not sure whether to buy or wear a certain piece or outfit, take a photo with your mobile phone. Photos tell the truth while mirrors don’t always do!

Bottom line

I express my personality through my individual style. Over the past years I have learned a lot more about myself and what I really want and I show that – not only with my clothes of course.

It’s never too late to change your style over 50

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  1. cat@jugglingact
    30 March 2016 at 13:43 (6 years ago)

    What a stylish woman!