With my schatz being on ‘garden leave’ pending his retrenchment, he has been very busy getting things organized around the house.  Its been great to see things getting done.  He’s concentrated/ing on the following :

·        Zozo revarnished

·        Tree stump mostly removed.
·       Trees trimmed.
·        Bed extended.

·        Pot placed in corner of garden (I’m yet to decide what to plant in it)

·        Arranged for the front gate to be sanded and repainted from horrid hunter green to black (we have plans to rebuild the wall when we finally get the renovations underway).

·        Side fence sanded and painted.
·        Roof is going to be sealed and painted, and at the same time, the windowsills (I’m way beyond excited about this development) will be painted.

·        Roof buddys will also be added to the edges and I’m so looking forward to seeing this happen.

·        Finally we’re having gutters done … another yippee.

·        He’s arranged to have the motor of his vespa fixed – I’m thrilled for him about his and then my bil is going to do the body restoration, but that will only happen in a few months.

·        He’s getting quotes to have the precast wall on the south side of the property removed and then have the wall plastered and painted. 

·        We’ve basically decided on the colour of the walls, at last.  My suggestion is that we paint them the same colour as the gutters and I’ve suggested we include painting the garage doors.

·        He’s finally had the automatic door motor on his garage door fixed and motorized the one on my garage door, I am thrilled not having to get out of the car to open it and wait for the kids to close the door in the morning.  I do so love little conveniences.

·        Looking at extending the back wall as well.
·        Job hunting.  The big one.  Say a prayer, send up good vibes, whatever it is you do that something comes along.  I’m confident it will, but there’s lots of power in many vibes/thoughts/prayers being sent 😉

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3 Comments on The going on’s at our house

  1. cat
    24 May 2012 at 19:00 (10 years ago)

    Lots of positiveness being sent. And prayers

  2. Joni James
    26 May 2012 at 05:18 (10 years ago)

    Good luck on the job search. Maybe you could wear the skirt from below. I think it may be good luck!

  3. Lynn
    29 May 2012 at 18:21 (10 years ago)

    Sending many prayers and good vibes Schatzie’s way!