“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy

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Its been a long month without too great success but that’s all due to my own weakness in all honesty.  I’ve found the weekends are the hardest to stick to the plan, but the food is great and in all honesty, I often feel that all I’m doing is eating, so I don’t feel deprived. 
Taking this into account, my 1.2kgs loss is not at all bad.  I’ve read previously that losing one kg a month is far more sustainable weight loss in the long term, than a huge amount too quickly. 
So, I’ll keep working away at it and try to keep on track over the silly season.  I got a new plan and the complete food list … exciting, they have couscous on this part which thrills me as I much prefer it to rice.
I must say, Weigh-Less is covering all the bases … last month we got a Summer beach ready plan which has in it Top ten tips for summer which gives pointers on sticking to a schedule, reminding you to drink your water and the ‘love the body you have’ as well as how to survive the office party binge  and Swimsuits to hide those common problem areas.  Which reminds me that I really need to go out and get a swimsuit since we are heading off to the beach next week.
The magazine is also great and has so divine recipes in it.  I will be looking at purchasing a recipe book in January.
I did buy myself a pair of ‘long shorts’ last weekend, which brings my grand total of shorts to two.  Yes, two pairs of shorts.  I’m thinking I could do with another pair for the holidays and the rest will be dresses as I find they’re so much cooler to wear.
G-man ran the power for the onboard fridge two nights back, he bought a portable DVD player for the journey and the radio is fixed so all that’s really left now is to pack and go.
Well, let me get going on the rest of my day too … hope you’re is fabulous.

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