Shine bright like a diamond

… Rihanna

I am getting started for the day and just been feeling incredibly grateful the last few days.

I am amazed and grateful at the way in which the Universe brings those who you need into your life.

I’m thankful for the usual, my sisters, my children, my friends, my ex husband, but thankful that in weird and wonderful roundabout ways, people are being drawn into my world and helping me grow.

I posted this status on Facebook two days back …

I’ve failed more times than I’ve succeeded … Been beaten more times than I’ve won … Been left by those I loved the most … But each time irrespective of the challenges I’ve stood back up, fought harder and proved myself to the universe. Thanks mom for your words “pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on the track”. I’ve got this!

I’m so grateful for the ‘fighting’ spirit (I think its more a spirit of survival, but we commonly refer to it as a fighting spirit – I’m just thinking it may be time to learn to rephrase that) I was born with.  I’m even more grateful that I wanted to be a better person, less angry, less woeful, less self centred, less internal, less fussy, less judgemental, less selfish, less of all the ugly, less worried about what others are thinking about me, less concerned if they are judging me, and less worried about whether or not they like me and more concerned with being real, true, approachable, giving, loving, caring.

The most awesome part of all the ‘lessing’, is that when you let go of most of those nasty traits, you start to shine.  People start calling you beautiful and gorgeous, and strangers smile at you at greet you randomly.  You find people coming to you for encouragement, friendship, sharing.  It’s a beautiful thing!  Its magical!  Its an awesome way to live and love.

So today, to the wonderful amazing people in my life, I love you for accepting me, even when I was more of the ugly and less of the pretty.  For trusting me with your secrets, sharing your hopes and dreams, success and failures and seeing something in me that I never fully accepted or saw in myself.

You and me, we’re beautiful, we’re like diamonds in the sky!

What you forgotten to be grateful for?
Are you working at being more beautiful and letting go of the ugly traits (we all have them, whether we acknowledge them or not)?

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1 Comment on Thankful Thursday on ‘Friyay’

  1. Lynn
    25 June 2016 at 15:23 (6 years ago)

    Awesome post Sister.