My afternoon ended off fantastically as I got to Skype with Miz T this afternoon.  Technology is just fabulous and who’d have dreamt a hundred years ago that we could sit on opposite sides of the world and see ‘live’ images of each other.  She looks stunning and happy and it was so cute, because as soon as we started talking, the boys dashed up the stairs absolutely thrilled at hearing her voice.  We also got to see a little of her boyfriend TJ.  The kids will be meeting him this coming December when they go over for their holiday.
T-shirt : Pick ‘n Pay
Waterfall cardigan : Legend at Makro
Skirt : Merien Hall at Edgars
Bracelent : Charlotte Russe
Necklace : Don’t remember right now
Shoes : Plum
My sister gave me the cardigan this past weekend.  I really like the applique look on the ‘collar’.  This is a skirt that I’ve probably worn no more than 4 times.  I have to force myself to wear it.  I am just not that fond of it and as y’all know, it’s always easier to go with the faithfuls in your wardrobe.
Not my  most favourite look, but it’ll do.
Have you noticed how much my hair has grown?!  I need a cut and I believe that our hairdresser is back at work this week after being off after a car accident.  She really does cut very well and for me and my hair, it’s hard to find people who cut well and especially straight hair, you got to know your stuff as any mistake screams at you. 
I’m waiting with baited breath to hear back from the photography college regarind the course as they called yesterday and said there were only two other people who had booked on the course.  I called today to enquire if their Randburg branch had more people and the lady asked me to wait until Monday as she’s had two new enquiries.  I hope it happens … please say a prayer or send up good vibes.  I really want to get started with this and would prefer the Bedfordview campus as it’s closer, but if need be, I’d travel to Randburg.
On my way home this afternoon there was a taxi accident in the little tunnel that I pass through.  I always feel so sorry for the innocent passengers involved in these accidents.  From what I could see, it did not look as though there were any serious injuries and it looked as though only the taxi was involved.  I can’t imagine being reliant on that mode of transport daily – there are just too many accidents.  I’m so grateful for my car.
On that note, I’m heading outta here.  Time to get an outfit organised, shower and get under the covers … ’til next time, be Fabulous.

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5 Comments on Tame Tuesday

  1. Patti
    20 September 2011 at 20:58 (10 years ago)

    I hat to see accidents too! Be careful out there. I like your skirt very much – glad you gave it a go!

  2. Shybiker
    20 September 2011 at 22:05 (10 years ago)

    Pretty cardi. Good luck with the course.

  3. whenlifehandsyouapear
    20 September 2011 at 22:08 (10 years ago)

    Really? I can’t believe this skirt isn’t an old faithful in your wardrobe! So pretty, and so many colors to choose from! Is it the fit? The length? The print? (Now I really want to know…) 😉

  4. Lynette
    21 September 2011 at 07:24 (10 years ago)

    Looking good my friend. I hope your course comes off, you are going to love it.

  5. Linda-Maree
    22 September 2011 at 16:25 (10 years ago)

    I love the cardigan and the skirt is really pretty…Holding thumbs for your photography course – I am seriously thinking of starting to study – maybe only in 2013 – am interested in psychology – but we will have to see…Lots of love