…it’s a beautiful shiney morning, but the nip in the air is biting.  It’s 08:35 and I’ve been up since just before 7.  I came up to look at my inbox, since I did not get near the pc yesterday – all in all, alls quite on the web-front.
I peeped at Facebook, read a couple of my fave blogs then headed downstairs.  Put the coffee machine on, turned on the dishwasher, watered my plants, put on two loads of laundry (we have a big washer outside and a normal one in the kitchen), gave G-man coffee in bed, read a couple pages of my study stuff and thought I’d pop up here for a few more minutes.  I may go and put some pancake batter together (for USA readers, they’re more like crepes as we’d call your pancakes crumpets or flapjacks) and surprise all the sleeping noddies in the house – the cat and I are only two up and about.
Yesterday the little people went to their Gran as it was their cousins birthday.  G-man and I headed out to Bedford Centre for a change of scenery.  We ate divine open sandwiches at Nino’s and I must say their, cuppaccino was to die for.  I had a roast beef and sundried tomato sandwich, which was so divine that I did something rather unusual and ate the entire thing.  Graeme’s was chicken and avo and the avo was super tempting.
We then did some meandering through the stores.  Da Rocha Interiors and Wetherleys have some items I’m lusting after in a serious way, but since our house is ‘in limbo’ and other things are too, it’s not the time to commit to such purchases, but I do love looking all the same.  They also stock Yankee Candles at Da Rocha Interiors, which delighted me and I must remember that. 
I also finally found a red belt at Queenspark, but it was too big and I did not see another in the store and the saleslady who watched me whip it off the display did not bother to interact.  Then I found a red blazer at Foschini but they did not have my size.  G-man said he’d get me the blazer, if we find it in my size at another Foschini, as we had started looking in February for one and have only now managed to find what I’m after, or at least close to what I’m after.  He quite liked another shorter cut blazer in a brocade type material which has my interest peaked.
I saw stunning silver rings and earrings at a little store too – hmmm, could have me a few of those, amazing shoes, but I seriously can’t bring myself to even consider buying a pair of heels that cost more than R500-.00  Old Khaki had amazing leather jackets and boots and since they’re closing down, were having a knock out sale – but my bank account simply rolled it’s eye and chuckled.
We got rotisserie chickens and rolls from Fournos Bakery which was yummy and we ate for dinner.  I think there is still quite a bit of chicken left which we can snack on today for lunch, so all I need to do is cook dinner. 
So now my fingers are frozen and I am still in my pj’s – so I’m heading off for now to hang up my washing,shower, wash hair and paint my nails, hope your Sunday is fantastic.
Be warm, be fabulous, be stylish … and a wee bit careful with that bank balance.

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2 Comments on Sunny Sunday

  1. dimi
    19 June 2011 at 09:48 (11 years ago)

    What bank balance??? Hahaha! Anyway… love your news (very active Sunday if you ask me!). Kisses 🙂

  2. Shybiker
    19 June 2011 at 13:20 (11 years ago)

    Oh, I love posts like this! Thanks for the window into your life. Reading it makes me feel like we’re friends and you’re sharing your experiences. I really like that. 🙂