52 and fabulous.

Wrinkles, grey hair and sagging skin are part of my reality, along with the many other flaws that make me perfectly Imperfect.

But here I am, shaking my fist (no, not in anger) at the ones within my inner circle who just don’t get me. Who have comments and criticism. Who think this is all about vanity.

The truth of all this is more about me and my purpose in this time space and reality = If I can in some small way, inspire one mature woman to embrace herself, love herself, chase the forgotten dream, live bolder, take care of her mind, body and spirit, then I’ll have achieved so much more than I dreamt possible.

So if for just a few moments you can stop the comparing and moaning and cowering in the corner and just love yourself. Just a little. Be gentle with yourself. Forgive yourself. Feed your soul. Dare to believe you are only just starting on the journey, you’ll feel your energy shift, your heart and mind and body will sigh with relief and you’ll feel a sense of calm and control over yourself, your life and what the future holds.

Have a beautiful Sundays peeps and thanks for the love.

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