After my disappointing weigh in on Wednesday, I’ve had a bit of a rough time and indulged a little as I was feeling sorry for myself.  I didn’t go too crazy, but I did not weigh all my food nor did I check that I was having all that my Formula allows.
I now have today and two more days until the next weigh in and before I do that, I’m going to get around to doing a comprehensive measurement exercise and LOG my measurement, so that I can see for myself how many centimetres I’m losing.  I’ve know many people not to lose much weight, but lose centimetres and look phenomenal.  I may well be saying these things just to pacify myself – not sure its working though … lol.
However, today I decided that I INTEND to keep a food diary and log all that goes into my mouth on MyFitnessPal.  Also, I will do a more regular check in on my app on the day I go to Weigh-Less for my WeighIn because :

Check In

To help track your progress, you should record your weight periodically. We suggest
once a week because your weight fluctuates daily due to uncontrollable factors like
water. Try to always weigh yourself at the same time of day – we suggest early in the
morning before breakfast.

Taking your measurements can be an even better gauge of your progress because when
you burn fat and build heavier muscle, your weight may not change or even increase
 even though your body is tighter and smaller. We suggest taking your measurements
every 2-4 weeks.

So, starting with today, this is how my food diary looks so far

Food diary for 14 November

Apple, Oats and Cinnamon Smoothie (235 calories)
100g apple, cored and chopped
175 ml smooth fat free yoghurt
20g rolled oats
1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 drops of vanilla
4 ice cubes
Whizz in the blender and enjoy
1 slice Milk Tart (240 calories)
Low Gi Mediterranean Chickpea Salad (230 calories)
37g biltong (94 calories)
Rump Steak (70g)
Green Salad
Boiled eggWater intake
2 litres

On the good side of things – my tickets are booked and I couldn’t be happier or more excited about going to the wedding if I tried.  It’s great to know that both my girls are looking forward to seeing me as well and I’ll get to spend three special days with them, namely New Years, Taryn & TJs Wedding and Taryns’ birthday.Liam’s cast comes off tomorrow morning and I trust that alls A-Okay with his forearm now.

Is anyone else battling with how quickly the weeks are flying by?  I just feel that I’m just getting into the swing of the week when Friday rolls around!

Hope your weekend has been awesome … I’m going to have a gr8 week … hope you do too,

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