It’s 6am Sunday morning and here I am.  I’ve been awake since well before 5am.  I decided to get up and make sure all the goodies I’m sending with the little people are ready to roll.  I need to pop down to the store for deodorant for my ‘ex-husbands new wife’ 😉 … lol.   If the store were open now I’d head there just to get it done.
The kids did most of the their packing last night and this morning, we’ll do a once over and make sure their carry on bags have all their bits and then they’re ‘good to go’.  They’re starting to feel excited about their trip and I can just imagine how excited their Dad and Miz T. 
My biggest concern is that the flight is so long and they may drive each other insane.  I’ll make sure the PSP’s are charged and they have a book each.  I’ve asked them to make sure that they move around when possible and of course, not to have races down the aisle.
But now I’ve just checked their flight info and it’s saying their departure is delayed by 308 minutes!!!!!  Ooooh, this is not good news, now expected to depart at 1am in the morning and well, parents have to stay in their airport until the flight departs … Monday Monday … oh what will you bring.

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1 Comment on Sunday at 6

  1. Shybiker
    11 December 2011 at 13:59 (10 years ago)

    Flying has become harder and less comfortable. Airlines, to keep costs cut to the bone, fill planes to capacity. Many, many flights get cancelled simply because they’re not filled with enough passengers to be profitable.

    Best of luck to you and the kiddies.