How far ahead do you start planning your wardrobe?  I’m usually thinking and planning  a season ahead, mostly because here in SA we follow a season behind, so by the time the season changes, we’re quite aware of the latest trends and styles. 
I’m a huge fan of InStyle Magazine, but at R99.00 I choke on that price.  I must admit, I’m missing SHE Magazine something awful.
Anyway, with autumn creeping up on us here, I’m putting together my style ideas and so far, here are some of the looks I’m enjoying.  We don’t have a huge distinction between autumn and winter here, one day the leaves drop off the trees and then it’s cold.  But, it’s seldomly freezing cold for long periods.  We usually have very mild winters here, so thick parkas and tons of layers are not really necessary and even less so if you drive to work and park in the basement.  Midday in winter is usually very warm here and if you’re outside, need to strip down to just a sweater, but by mid afternoon, you’re adding the layers again. 
I’m now looking at ideas and considering what I already have in my closet to achieve the looks as shown below. 

Still hunting a pair of red jeans – Lyddie always looks fab.

Nice Friday look … or for shopping.

Got three leopard print scarves to play with already

Not sure I’d walk with shoes loose like that – nor those shoes, but the overall look.
Just love this coat.
I love this sleek look – the dress would need to be a little longer for me though
Today I’ll be leaving work early as I have scheduled for Miss Bean to have a vaccination.  I’m quite happy that our Medical Aid is finally coming to the party and paying for preventative medication.  Although it’s still on a small scale, it’s a start.
I have then scheduled to visit my Hairdresser.  Its now two months since my last visit and I’m desperate.  I’ve decided to keep the length and mostly just tidy it up and have less of the ‘point’ cut towards the front of my hair.  A little change a small update … way cheaper than botox or a facelift.
What inspired me today

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  1. Lynn
    28 February 2012 at 15:40 (10 years ago)

    Love these looks.