Stripe on stripe with denim
T-shirt : Edgars
Blazer : Truworths
Denim skirt: Fashion Express
Shoes : Legit
Necklace : Miladys
Bracelet : Truworths

I decided to try something a little different with stripes on stripes … my mother will probably shake her head and tsk tsk as I know that mixing patterns like this is a no-go in her fashion rules.  I at first was going to wear my denim shirt over and tie it in front, but it looked too ‘Friday’ for a Thursday.
I was rather undecided about my shoes as well … denim wedges – nope didn’t look right, taupe wedges, nope … so I ended up with the black pumps, they just seemed more businesslike and if you knew how demotivated and dog tired I am, you’d understand that wearing anything too laid back could be detrimental to my performance … lol.
I had a serious panic this morning when I got to the office!  I had completed all the documentation for Courteneys Immigrant Visa Application, taken the photos and got the Police Clearance Certificate.  I scanned the documents in and sent them to their Dad … who thankfully noticed that I had not gotten the little lady to sign the application.  I called the Post Office who still had the letter on site and Courts and Schatz were in the center as they were heading to gym … so the lady kindly allowed her to open the envelope, sign the document and it is now being sent.  My poor head is throbbing as I get really tense when I screw up like this.  I am way overdue for a break!
Here’s hoping your day is simply fabulous … thanks for coming by and do say Hi. 

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4 Comments on Stripe on stripe

  1. Marla
    29 November 2012 at 10:53 (9 years ago)

    I like the stripes on stripes, you look nice.

  2. Lynette
    30 November 2012 at 12:44 (9 years ago)

    I love the nautical look. Have a happy weekend.

  3. Lynne DeVenny
    2 December 2012 at 16:57 (9 years ago)

    Whew, close one. I am an immigration paralegal so I know!

    You look like a gorgeous Ralph Lauren ad.

  4. TAnna
    2 December 2012 at 19:36 (9 years ago)

    I LOVE the Stripes on Stripes Mom, I am not brave enough to dare it!! But I might now looking at you!!

    :)Thankfully it was noticed before it was shipped!!

    I cant wait for you to take a break, think it will be great fun! You need it