To those ladies in the southern hemisphere, are you as excited as me to be on the thresh hold of Spring?  As soon as my birthday rolls around, I start getting anxious to pack away the cover ups, cardigans and coats and unpack the sandals and spaghetti strap tops.  However, we know that we’ll still have a number of cold mornings and coolish evenings to get through.  But, its time to start the Spring Sensation Routine.
Time to start exfoliating and scrubbing and buffing.  Some ideas and items to start stocking up on.
Feet :  Buy a good pumice stone or foot file.  Soak your feet and then get scrubbing, with a good hard nail brush, then file down the heels while still warm and damp.  Many brands have great exfoliators as well, some with minty bits to them.  You may need to try different brands, just as you would your moisturiser, but try until you find one you love.  Then, add a rich moisturiser.  Dr. Scholls, Eulactol heel balm, Clicks brand, and many other brands have many to choose from.  If your feet are really dry, do the scrub and file at night, then lather on heel balm really thick, let it soak in as much as possible, then put socks on and sleep with them on.  Then, add a pretty nailpolish. From black all the way through to pastels and neons, whatever your fancy, the colours are in store now. From cheap Essence at R20 up to brands such as OPI at around R130
But, the best of all is a good pedicure to start with.  Its worth the investment as one of the fuggliest things in the world is cracked dry heels in pretty any sandals or slingbacks, irrespective of whether they’re pretty or not.

Watch Groupon/Daily Deals etc. etc. for specials from as little as R99 for both a manicure and pedicure.

A pedicure is not the end of the road!  You need to maintain the silky smoothness after it by moisturising your feet and heels daily to keep them looking good.  Whenever possible, don’t walk around barefoot and remember, wearing sandals and high heels aggravates your heels, so they will be more prone to cracks. 
Legs : Time for a wax?  Time for a shave?  Epilator?  Whatever your choice, its time to get those legs looking silky soft for the tightless outfits you’re about to don.  If you’re going to shave, remember to exfoliate first … a cheap home remedy is olive oil and brown sugar, rubbed over the legs then rinsed off …  followed by your shaving foam and a good close shave.  Don’t forget to make sure your razor is sharp to avoid nicks and take your time ladies.  Also remember if you’re shaving in the bath, don’t soak first, this causes the skin to ‘swell’ and you won’t get as a close a shave.  Follow with a little tinted moisturiser, but do it sparingly over the knees and don’t stop where your leg and foot meet, rub a little down onto your foot.  Remember, these moisturisers seem to go darker on the knees and ankles for some reason, so take care.
Underarms, elbows and arms : Follow the same process as above, leaving the tinted moisturiser for the underarm and I’m not big on shaving or waxing arm hairs.  But a good scrub on the arms, paying close attention to the elbows will leave your skin glowing.  At night, for extra moisturising, add a little tissue oil as soon as you get out of the shower/bath, then follow with your moisturiser.  Justine has Tissue oil with SPF 25 in it now, so if you need extra moisture, its great for day time use as well.
Bikini line : If you shave your bikini line … don’t use shaving foam.  Dry shave with baby powder gently tapping your razor to get the hair out (do not rinse under water until you are finished), it stops ingrown hairs. 
Face :  Time for a facial!  Or try an at-home facial.  They really do wonders.  Remember, exfoliate and apply a mask at least twice a week … but be gently if you are using exfoliators with granules in them.  Don’t overdo it if you are a little OCD, like I tend to be. 
Hair  :  Time for a trim?  How about a flirty new style to whip away the winter blues?  A little mask?  A little pampering?  How about a little colour?  Go to town, the quickest way to a make over is a little hair change and what better way to chase away the winter blues.
To finish it all off … buy a pretty fresh body spray to brighten your mood … something fruity and fresh to get you in the mood for the jasmine that is about to flower and send delicious scents around and the flowers all waiting to burst with their colourful display.

Hope you enjoyed my little ‘mini spring time pampering’ ideas post … please say hi and leave any other ideas you may have.

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5 Comments on Spring time pampering session

  1. Applebypie
    20 August 2012 at 08:23 (9 years ago)

    Lovely post – wish it were spring here again instead of getting toward the end of an extremely wet summer! X

  2. Shybiker
    20 August 2012 at 14:00 (9 years ago)

    Just reading this makes me happy. I wish I could do many of the activities you describe. (I never have.)

  3. Lynn
    20 August 2012 at 22:47 (9 years ago)

    It is offically your birthday … So HAPPY BIRTHDAY little sister. I hope your special day is the start of a stunning year for you and that it is filled with love, laughter and more joy than you can handle. Love you lots … Lynn

    21 August 2012 at 01:33 (9 years ago)

    Is it your birthday Wendy?
    Happy Happy Birthday to You!!

  5. Mariette
    22 August 2012 at 19:33 (9 years ago)

    I have to tell you I found your tips very interesting…will have to try some out! M