To die for … shoes and men’s shoes and boots … heck, just go here and look through these posts by Swagger 360 – I’m in envy heaven here.  I have a serious love for shoes.  For the longest time, I have had very few pairs of shoes, and now I’m up to a mere approx. 40 pairs (with some blogs I read, I know that’s a pitiful amount in comparison).  I am fairly sure that if I were a billionaire, I’d be the next Imelda Marcus

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1 Comment on Shoes, shoes and more shoes … and boots … to die for

  1. Shybiker
    19 February 2011 at 13:23 (11 years ago)

    There’s no shame in shoe-love! It’s a relatively victimless crime. 🙂

    I’d say 40 pairs is a good beginning… Just tell hubby you need to add an extension to the house for a bigger clothes-closet.