So since its the last night of September, I thought I should look over my intentions and do an audit of what I’ve achieved or missed.

  1. Send out my flier : Not sent out, but am putting the final touches to it.
  2. Arrange delivery to Anabela  : Little Alexi had been ill and I need to send Anabela another email to arrange delivery.
  3. Get two more modules completed of my course : Not even close, but about to submit Module 3
  4. Complete Liams’ High School Admission form : Handing it in this week as they head back to school tomorrow
  5. Remember to wish all the birthday babies of this month : Achieved
  6. Get a pedicure … its open toe shoe season, got to have them tootsies looking good : Achieved – thanks to my sister Lynn.
  7. Get to the gym at least twice a week   : I so achieved this intention – in fact I knocked it out the ball park as I went three times most weeks.
  8. Get the stones in the half round bed cleaned up : took most of them out, then got bitchslapped by a migraine and there they sit in a bin on the pathway waiting.  I started.
  9. Clear out my inbox … I have a ridiculous amount of emails in my box : down from 2000 to 500 I’ve achieved
  10. Enjoy family time : A weekend away
  11. Have some fun : Chillaxing with my boys watching them dig huge holes on the beach – to me that’s super fun.
  12. See somewhere new : Still on my list
  13. Practise practise and practise some more with the camera : Yes, learnt how to take a white balance reading.
  14. Trim the Yakkas : Schatz has been instructed 😉
  15. Sort out my shoes … with Spring here, its time to Flylady them : Barely started
  16. Get the winter woollies washed and sorted and ready for next season : Mostly achieved
  17. Generally I don’t Spring clean – but I do need to get the carpets shampooed : Still on the list
  18. Keep working at sorting out my ancient photos : Got a few months done but its still on the list.
  19. Print the photo for the frame in the lounge (find it first which goes with number 16). – still working at finding it
  20. Get more Elements practise time in – got plenty practise in.
Did you have any intentions and how did you do towards achieving them.  Overall I’m pretty happy with what I got done considering that I battled migraines and headaches for almost two weeks straight, which saw me losing many hours for three consecutive days as I feel so rotten. 

This month I shall achieve more.

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2 Comments on September intentions audit

  1. Lynn
    1 October 2013 at 06:27 (8 years ago)

    WOW!!! Well done on what you did get done … Awesome!!! I love the … Schatz has been instructed one!!!

    Well done on the gym intention … you sure have knocked that one right out the ball park … I am super proud of you.

  2. Lynette
    4 October 2013 at 13:16 (8 years ago)

    Well done Wendy. I have to be honest and say that lists overwhelm me. I will start on a Christmas to do list when I get back from vacation.