It’s finally 17:00 – 40 minutes ago, the last 10 year old departed … they arrived at 11:00!  What was I thinking?  No, seriously, it was great.  We packed them in the car and headed to The Glen … first up, lunch at Spur then off to the Magic Company for them to waste my money play games and win tickets to buy cheap crap – but that’s what it’s all about.
Liam had received around R1500 for his birthday and still had R600- from the money their grandfather gave them for Christmas and he was adamant that he wanted a PSP.  We stopped by Reggies after the MC and priced it there, then passed CNA and it was much the same offer and price.  Lets got to Game and have a look there I suggested and … whallah … a PSP with 4 games (as opposed to one game on offer at both Reggies and CNA) for R200- more, so he bought it right there and then.  Now the friends are gone and the hype is cooling down and the psp is charged and he is now finally playing with it … I’m sure he’s thrilled.
However me, the mother, is exhausted from the chaos of 5 boys jumping and pulling and pushing and talking … but they had fun.
Let go take some pictures of him now to capture the look on his face.

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