I have a young friend who is dealing with some issues around resentment. She asked if I have anything for her to read around it and these are the links in my arsenal.

When it comes to resentment, most people feel a little or a lot towards someone, something or a group of beings and institutions. I hear it all the time too, in the little things people say, and I’m not leaving myself out of this either. The more I work on myself, the lesser they become, yet every now and then I get a bit surprised when I feel the emotion of resentment come up. As you’ll see in the links below, it’s about being and practising gratitude and when I’m out of alignment with The Universe is when I feel it most.

I trust that if you are looking to release resentment and forgive that these may set you off in the right direction.

How to let go of a resentment


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