Hi Peeps,

I really am slack about posting to this here blog. I find IG so much easier and convenient – mostly because I am battling to get the WP app to work on my phone to be entirely honest. I also think it would be grand if IG posted directly to my WP as it does to my Facebook.

I’d love you to follow me on my IG Perfectly Imperfect Me

Its winter down here in the southern hemisphere and we are overall rather lucky here in South Africa as we don’t have long cold spells in winter. This means that I wear a lot of the same clothes year round. I’m also very priviledge in that I don’t have to use public transport and don’t work outdoors, so I go from my cozy home, into the car, into a basement and from the car to the elevator is all of about 50 paces. By the middle of the day its almost always possible to sit out in the sun with just a t-shirt if you wish. All the items excepting the knits and biker jacket are worn year round.

Cotton On had a special a while back where you could two dresses for R350.00. I indulged in a black, rusty red, animal print and this navy and white striped one. They great with hose and boots and will be equally as fun with sandals in summer. I love clothing that does double duty – more bang for your bucks.

My white jeans have lasted so well and I wear them so often. I only have the white pair at present. I did have two some years back but had lost weight and the other pair had to go live with someone else.

The black maxi skirt is possibly 5 years old. I have not worn it too often, but can’t bring myself to let it go. However, I do need to have a new hem done as without heels I trip over it now. I bought this skirt when I was still carrying a lot more weight. I admit that it is the least favourite of my looks showcased here.

Well folks, its always great to catch up with y’all – do pop a comment and say Hi or hop on over to my IG linked above and say Hi.

Happy Friyay and trusting that everyone has a splendid weekend.

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