I am wildly attracted to real people.  People who share their emotions when they are ‘raw’. When they dare to take you along on their journey of pain, anger, frustration, healing, dealing with the new life they have no option but to adopt.

These are people I feel drawn to.  People, who are complete strangers, but can evoke so much emotion that I find myself sitting at my laptop crying with them in their pain, but then they let you be a part of their healing too and I find myself thrilled with their new found love.

It’s so easy to judge this whole virtual world and not realise that what we put out there can be influencing another, either by evoking emotion or inspiring them.

These kinds of ‘interactions’ always brings my friend Judi to mind.  We met way back in 2001 on an internet friendship group.  I was a SAHM in a foreign country, with no friends, not able to speak the language and so lonely.  I joined the group and it was a saving grace.

Judi and I were paired up the second month that I’d been in the group and we hit it off.  We spoke so often, literally daily, about everything and anything.  It was amazing to find a kindred soul.  We lifted each on dark days, laughed at life and the frustration of relationships and motherhood.

I wonder if she knows just how much she influenced so many things in my life from introducing me to flylady, to how I see myself and the person I am still working at becoming in the world, we shared recipes and language differences – its been an amazing journey.

We finally got to meet in person in 2013 – it was a bucket list moment for me and her, we got to go clothes shopping, drank margaritas, a little food shopping and she cooked for the girls and I, and I do wish we’d had more time just to chill.  I know we were both nervous, after being ‘internet’ friends for so long, then becoming a little disconnected when I returned to South Africa to finally meeting in person.  It was amazing.  We screamed like little girls (I think I need to post that video on youtube, with Judis permission) when we finally met in person.

The best part, she is real.  The person I got to know over emails, instant messenger and some phone calls was in person just as she was over the texts.  Beautiful, real, sweet, amazing, smart.

All that said, there’s a real beauty in being real and raw in your connections.  In being honest.

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