Spontaneity is the quality of being able to do something just because you feel like it at the moment, of trusting your instincts, of taking yourself by surprise and snatching from the clutches of your well-organized routine a bit of unscheduled pleasure. ~Germaine Greer 

When my children were younger I found I kept a very tight schedule ….surprise visitors,  last minute outings and changes to plans upset my balance.  It was seldom that you’d find me taking up a last minute invitation.   In hindsight I realise how many wonderful opportunities I missed and have tried of late to be more flexible and receptive.  I guess because the boys are no longer ‘little’ they can handle disruptions to their routines easier, so I’m relaxing a wee bit.


Yesterdays outing to the zoo with Lynn, Connor, Byron, Kayla and my boys is a perfect example.   I had called Lynn to discuss Connors’ birthday gift and she said they were going to the zoo.  A little later when I check my phone she has messaged asking if we’d like to join them.   For a few seconds I went through my normal ‘last minute unplanned outing panic’ reaction and then this thought to myself, why not?

So I roused Jarod and said you have 30 minutes to get ready, got Liam away from the pc and hurried readying myself.  We were out the door within 20 minutes – basic makeup, minimal fixing of my hair and off we went.  Most unusual for me – but am I ever glad we went.  It was an unexpected turn around in my planned day and Lynn and I had a wonderful time visiting while the young people entertained themselves in the Zoo.

Here’s to more spontaneity and taking up opportunities instead of worrying so much about what needs to be done and regretting not having lived a little more.

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3 Comments on Practising being more spontaneous

  1. taryn
    7 July 2014 at 15:44 (8 years ago)

    Love it!!! Life is too short 🙂

  2. Fair, Fake and Fifty
    7 July 2014 at 18:51 (8 years ago)

    Good for you, Wendy. I love being spontaneous, although it’s a bit difficult with young Nick! 🙂

  3. Lynn
    8 July 2014 at 03:47 (8 years ago)

    Thanks for joining us … it was a wonderful outing! We miss so many opportunities because of our routines and we need to relax a little more and enjoy the small things that come our way.