(A post I found sitting in my ‘drafts’ from sometime in September)

So, time is flying by at a phenomenally fast pace – or is it just me who thinks that?  But I can’t seem to get my head around it.


The last two days have seen a significant drop in temperatures.  I have been freezing.

Yesterday I decided to wear this polka dot top that is so old, but a firm favourite of mine.  I also chose to wear a sort of ‘polka dot’ shoes.

I’m hooked on these Guess jeggins – wish I’d know they were going to be comfortable at the time I purchased them as I’d have bought another pair.

The packing and decluttering is still ongoing and its weird to see some parts of the house as things are moving out and being packed.  7 years and its changing fast now.

Change is not always easy, but necessary.

Our domestic worker of 10 years has a new job and will be moving soon.  She’s been feeling the stress as much as I have.

Graeme and I are in a good space.  We’re still friends.  We can still have long conversations and I realised after a lunch date a few weekends back that I had really missed chatting with him.  Sad how we lose track of these things when we get caught up in our lives, or take things for granted.  The best part of this realisation is that it was as though a bird had been set free – the shift within me was so needed.

What and where to next?  I still don’t have the answer of where to – but I refuse to let it stress me out.  I’m simply still going with flow.

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1 Comment on Playing with Polka dots

  1. Lynn
    30 October 2016 at 21:36 (5 years ago)

    Nice post sista … I also feel like the time is FLYING past at the speed of light … I wonder if that happens as you get older? OR did we feel the same when we were young?

    I am so happy that you and Graeme have found your friendship again.