hairdressingcraftWhat are your top treatments that make you feel loved and pampered – now I’m not talking a back rub from your hunk after he’s run you a candlelit bubble bath, but the ones that you pay out hard cash for because you love how you feel afterwards?  Be it a haircut, wax or pedicure … so yes, a haircut is not always a pamper session, but definitely a necessity, or at least to me it is ;-).

Top of my list is without a doubt a visit to my stylist.  Kirsten has been cutting my hair for around three years now and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with her work.  Its to the point where her previous boss once emailed to ask why I hadn’t been for a cut and I was shocked to find that it had been four months since I’d had a cut – in my books, if your style grows out and still looks good after four months, you have a craftswoman working on your hair.  I get compliments from random people in the gym, while out shopping and even her Dad and Boss’ have commented on my cut.


Kirsten recently moved to a fabulous salon in Alberton (South Africa) called The Image Junky and I got to visit with her today while she neatened up my cut.  We had a good ol’ catch up and coffee – you always feel like you’re with family when visiting her and could be forgiven for forgetting that she’s working.

Now I need to mention one of the things I love about the salon and because I’ve asked a lot of women if they endure the same suffering or if its just me and another of my little issues.  My little issue is that I usually find it the most painful experience to have my hair washed.  Your neck is pushed onto a porcelain rim that often feels like you’re over the loo, just facing the other way.  I love the head massage most of all, but would be grimacing and praying for it to end due to the pressure of the toilet rim, umm I mean basin rim digging into your head … but, here’s the thing I love most about The Image Junky salon – your head actually lays on a slab while the ladies wash and massage it.  Let me say this, the comfort when having my hair washed and massaged makes the increase in the cost of her cuts since moving to the new salon totally worth it.  Of course, walking away knowing your hair looks fabulous and the compliments will roll in is not too bad either.

So if you’re in the greater Jo’burg/Alberton area and really want a fabulous cut with a young lady who has ‘mad skills’ with a pair of scissors, I recommend you give Kirsten a chance to prove herself.

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2 Comments on Pampering

  1. Kristin
    17 December 2013 at 16:27 (8 years ago)

    A good stylist is worth his or her weight in gold! I waited for mine to come back from maternity leave!

  2. Lynette Jacobs
    17 December 2013 at 17:57 (8 years ago)

    Don’t I know it. My hair stylist lived in Dubai for a year. I couldn’t find anybody that could work with my hair like she did. I was very relieved when she returned.