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MOMANDIHi peeps,

Meet my Mom – Lilian (some call her Lily – but I like her name, Lilian Diana)

This is a photo of me with my Mom.  At almost 77, I must say she’s looking phenomenal.  I look a lot like her at the same age, but sadly, I did not inhert her amazing skin and barely grey hair.  Honestly, if I stopped colouring mine, I’d be snow white compared to her.

As a young girl, I remember being amazed at how beautiful my Mom was to me.  I know, I know, everyone thinks that about their Mom, but truly my Mom was a beautiful woman.  She still is – its just that she’s lost her spark.  She looked so beautiful yesterday when she arrived at my home.

My Mom was also such an amazing dresser.  My gosh – I definitely inherited my love and addiction for clothing and shoes from her.  In my 20’s bb (before babies) I would buy shoes like they were food.  She lived across the road from a shoe store named Cuthberts – I would hop off the bus, go in and walk out with two to three pairs of the same shoes for each of us.  I knew exactly which shoes she’d like.  I think if social media had been around back then, she’d have been a perfect style blogger.  She also instilled my intense dislike of walked through heels – so yes, I don’t get as itchy about it anymore, but I am still amazed when I beautifully groomed and well presented women walks around with the nails of her heels clack clacking.

This winter – I’ve decided to wear the brooches she gave me a few years back – I think we’ll let them have a comeback this year.

‘Til next time … celebrate everything – but first, your imperfections.




Start the week off right

I got this through an email newsletter and I like it ..  A LOT, so thought I’d share.


Grateful: Be grateful for the amazing things in your life.

Learned: Learn something new today. Build on an existing skill. Improve yourself.

Accomplishment: Accomplish something incredible today.

Delight: What touched or will touch your heart today?

When you are positive, positive things happen to you.