With the boys on holiday, my nephew Connor has come to spend a couple nights hanging out with this them and arrived this morning.  I needed to pay an account at The Glen, so I took them along and dropped them off at the movies.  With it being another pc based and errand day and since I was heading into a large clothing store (it means walking through each department at least twice), I kept my look casual and comfortable.  I find that I’m feeling cold easily so have been wearing light cardigans and jackets, but since we’re starting Autumn I guess its not that unusual to feel a little cold.

This tank is making its debut appearance here on the blog and it is in fact the first time I wore it.  Schatz bought it for me before my Houston trip and although I packed it in, I never did get around to wearing it.  It was just way too cold.

apr1-stripesandsparklesThis striped t-shirt material jacket has gotten a lot of attention.  When I wore it on one of my outings with Judi, she had commented on it and I tried to find one here for her, but they’re all sold out.  I’ll keep looking.  My hairdresser also loved it.   Its just the right weight for a cooler day where its not cold, but neither hot.  Perfect Autumn weather wear.  I had worn my pretty cutout necklace that my Schatz bought me two Christmases back, but had taken it off earlier in the evening (shhhh, don’t tell, I only took these photos after 10pm).  apr1-stripessparklesleoI hope you had a wonderful day … tomorrow we’re on the hump again! ALREADY!

Outfit Info

Jeans: Identity (I keep hoping to find another pair of these as they fit so well)
Tank  : Cherokee from Pick ‘n Pay
Jacket : Always New (desperately tried to get one for Judi upon my return without any luck)
Pumps : Mr. Price (still in store)
I had worn my pretty necklace from Schatz, but had taken it off earlier in the evening.

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4 Comments on OOTD : Stripes and sparkles

  1. Tanna
    2 April 2014 at 03:55 (8 years ago)

    I LOVE the jacket mommy

  2. Lynn
    2 April 2014 at 06:25 (8 years ago)

    That jacket is really pretty. Nice casual look. Thanks for having Connor over … he was getting cabin fever and this is just what he needed.

  3. Shybiker
    5 April 2014 at 13:26 (8 years ago)

    Lovely outfit. The tank is eye-catching and the “jacket” is stylish.

    My use of quotation marks is because I have trouble with the variety of words women use to describe their clothes. I have a similar item and people call it a “cardi” (cardigan sweater). I guess there’s probably not much difference between a cardi and a jacket, although I’d expect a jacket to have buttons and be thicker than a lightweight sweater. Don’t get me started on pants — the words for them are endless!