Beautiful Bobbi
This lovely new skirt comes thanks to my Schatz.  It has a tweed print on the front which is what caught my eye.  Although the cold weather has not ‘set in’ I decided to wear black tights with the outfit as my bare legs didn’t look right.  The top is my black sleevless peplum with a black long sleeved top underneath.
Black and cream with crochet and tweed look
La Deets : Skirt : Edgars | Peplum : Truworths | Shoes : Foschini | Earrings : Truworths | Bracelets : Contempo
Today I received the Visa interview date information for Courteneys’ application.  Next week she goes for her medical and on 11 June is the day.  Before we know it, she’ll be heading State side – providing she stops fighting with us about it.  Its a choice she made some time back and was adamant about and now is hesitant, which is understandable, however I think its the best thing.
Bobbi being curious
Our cute little Bobbi girl was curious and when I rubbed my fingers together she jumped up to see if I had anything.   I love when she jumps up and grabs me with her paws as she does it so gently … she’s a really sweet little animal.   With the evenings being cooler, she’s spending most evenings snuggled between Schatz and I.
You may notice my hair is a lot darker … Courteney and I coloured my hair and despite our best effort not to, we managed to colour my highlights but I’m sure they’ll show up a little more with each hair wash.  Under the light you can see them, just not as clearly as they were.  If they don’t show up quickly though, I will probably have a few foils done .. and on that thought, I’m on my way again … hope your Tuesday was fabulous …

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2 Comments on On an interesting Tuesday I wore … Black and Cream

  1. Lynn
    14 May 2013 at 20:23 (9 years ago)

    Your hair looks lovely. Nice photos of Bobbi. I would have liked to see this outfit in the ‘flesh’ It looks very nice.

  2. Lady of Style
    15 May 2013 at 18:06 (9 years ago)

    Your hair is very shiny, I like the dark colour a lot on you!

    And your skirt is really chic, your Schatz has great taste as well 🙂

    Lady of Style
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