Kamers vol geskenke (Room full of gifts).  I’m excited by the prospect of visiting this event and would love to return to Irene Village Market I really want to go back and scout some Christmas goodies for the Americans and The Bryanston Organic Market.

Ran across this and I do so like it.  Would love it in a pantry or the garage or a potting shed.

I am not perfect, but I am perfect enough to love.
Am contemplating sewing myself a dress, partly to see if I could still make something ‘wearable’ and I’m also toying with idea of making myself a tote or two.  With summer time here, maybe just what a need.
G-man bought some very ripe bananas and the little persons have been whispering ‘banana bread’ .. some cupcakes on the side would go down well.

I do believe I need this

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