Welcome October – flowers in bloom, birds in the trees, warm African weather and all the divine fruits on the shelf – waiting in anticipation for mangoes and watermelons to arrives in store. 

I’ve decided to make this more of a commitment and use the word Actions instead of intentions.

So here come my 10 Actions for October – want to join me in setting some Actions for yourself.
  1. Get two modules completed – NON NEGOTIABLE!
  2. Keep with the action of two visits weekly to the gym, but attempt to keep with the three times weekly visits achieved.
  3. Try something new at gym at least once this month just to jazz it up – maybe rebounding, ab attack or swimming. Go me – go me  – I did rebounding
  4. Get the guestroom painted and hang the pictures on the wall — looking doubtful as at today
  5. Hang Jarods clock.
  6. Wish all the October babies, and boy, I have a few of them in my world.
  • Mike
  • Salma
  • Richard
  • Richard
  • Nicholas
  • Courteney
  • Get the holiday card list together – I don’t always get the ‘paper’ ones out, so I may just got for an ecard in total this year.
  • Get the gifts for the America’s sorted by the end of the month.
  • Get to the bottom of the cause of the migraines and difficulty in shifting the weight – on that I have an appointment tomorrow morning and I’m so hoping that some light will be shed.
  • Get onto the eating plan – I’m so battling with this one. 
  • So, here we are at the start of October – hope its a good one for you.

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    2 Comments on Octobers 10 Actions

    1. Lynn
      2 October 2013 at 03:57 (8 years ago)

      Good luck with achieving all your Actions for October.

      Many of your Actions for October resonate with me ~ I wrote a list yesterday while sitting at the computer and will post that today on my blog.

      Waiting in anticipation to hear the results of your appointment today.

    2. dan
      2 October 2013 at 20:53 (8 years ago)

      Hi Wendy, October is a nice month full of beautiful colours. It’s funny to think that for you it means flowers in bloom!!
      Ten actions for October are a lot of goals to reach!
      Thank you for commenting on my blog, I am glad to meet you. . .