I’m feeling seriously challenged by my hair. 
I urgently need to cut and colour it and since I’m saving like mad for our December vacation, I’m going back to home colouring for a while, however, I can’t do it properly on my own, so I’m reliant on G-mans help. 
Let me just say, G-man is fantastic, but boy, come weekend and we don’t have any children (which is an extremely rare occurence) he drags me out the house to go here and there and everywhere.  So despite agreeing to help me for the past 3 weekends, we still have not got around to getting it done.
I’m also considering a new style but he’s no help in that department as he likes my hair clipped or tied up … but would have a hissy fit if I were to cut it short or in a bob.  Sigh – what we do to attempt to keep the men in our lives happy.
So, should you have any input on how you think I should style my hair, please pass it along.

Ooops, I have invisible arms 🙂

Todays outfit :

Blue goddess dress from Woolworths
Cream cami – Edgars
Grey pin-striped jacket – In Wear at Truworths
Black sandals – Truworths
Necklace – Woolworths
Gold earrings – Truworths
Let me know what you think of my look … honest and constructive critisim only 🙂

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