So finally, almost two months to the day, I’m able to fit into the hot pink shift that I purchased on 10 August that was seriously, seriously tight when I bought it.
I have a bit of an aversion to fitting rooms and very often prefer to purchase an item without trying it on in store.  If it’s on sale, I’m aware that the chances of return are extremely low, but I am often prepared to risk it.
So when I got the ‘free’ grey shoes, I’d gone into Fashion World and bought two dresses … one worn here previously and the hot pink shift.
About two weeks ago it was still a little too tight on the bootie, but when I fitted it last night, it was perfect!  I am chuffed as my scale is not moving, but I’m feeling a little firming going on around the bootie and the legs, therefore, the morning lunges while brushing my teeth must be doing something.
(excuse the messy hair, I pulled the sunnies out and did not brush it)

I was complimented as usual by the tea ladies and one of the Engineers asked if this is a new outfit and then our IT guy said ‘you’re looking hot today’ … must the hot pink 🙂

The finishing touches …
 Necklace and earrings by the one and only Miz T (my daughter)
 Handbag and shoes purchased by G-man last month
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