Grey Monday, but not a ‘grey, miserable Monday’, at least to start with it wasn’t.
Mr Maine Coon kitty Lucky allowing me to pose with him.
For one reason or another, this pose makes me think of Sheila … she’s the Queen of poses and my big boy kitty, Lucky, who sits on the bed and watches me go back and forth allowed me to hold him … and he almost posed.  He always appears rather perplexed as to what I’m doing parading up and down the bedroom and then I go and hold him, so I’m sure he thinks as his human I’m just a total nutcase.
Grey skirt, previously styled here (and on a Monday as well!!) – from a Chinese shop, brand unknown
T-shirt – Kelso at Edgars
Jacket – InWear at Truworths
Necklace – Woolworths
Flower ‘brooch’ – part of abovementioned necklace
Cuff – Truworths
Two-tone grey peeptoe shoes – ShoeCity
Thanks to Shybiker for the mention on his blog – isn’t he just the sweetest?
Hope everyone had a fabulous Monday – hopefully our DSL is sorted tonight at home as it’s been off since at least Saturday, it’s so frustrating.
Better view of the decorations

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3 Comments on November 22 – Monday Monday

  1. Shybiker
    23 November 2010 at 13:23 (11 years ago)

    I like this outfit. The colors are muted but it has abundant style. The shape of the skirt is flattering.

    Nice kitty!

  2. Anonymous
    24 November 2010 at 03:58 (11 years ago)

    You look simply amazing!