So it’s here … D-Day, my own personally imposed day, well in truth, afternoon, since I will only start the eating plan tomorrow.  I’m a wee bit nervous … of possibly having to eat more than I do now as I have a really small appetite, but, more nervous or shall I shall fearful of failure than anything else.
But I need to do this for me.
One of the guys in the office today asked me why I wanted to do this, suggesting that I want to be anorexic like a super model … well no I said, I just want to lose 10kgs, to which we pulled the margarine tub out of the fridge and said, you want to lose 10 of these, I said yes, and he replied “From where”?  Well, maybe he was being kind, but I know that all over, from the arms, the thighs, the tummy the hiney – there is more than 10kgs of extra weight. 
My G-man also says I’m fine as I am … but the photos I see daily tell me something different.
So, wish me luck as I start on this journey.
But, despite the negative voice in my head, I’m going to
“Fighting through Negative Self-Talk!
At some point we all have a negative voice in our head telling us we can’t finish a workout or some other negative thought.” as Jonathan says.
I’ll let you know how it goes and add updates to my ‘Weigh-Less’ page above.

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