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Cottage means a “small house, and is most often referred to as a place in the countryside”.

My ‘small house’ though is not in the countryside, but when I sit outside and take in the view, it’s easy to forget that the hustle and bustle of the city is just a few kms away.

I got the keys from the landlord on Friday and dashed off to the old place, piled my car high with clothing and a few odds and ends and then made my way through to the new cottage and unloaded, just to spend a few moments admiring it and giving thanks for it.

I did two trips on Friday and was considering doing a third when I realised that I was about to fall over as I was so tired. Saturday I was up bright and early to finish packing up the last few items and loaded my car. Graeme came by and then headed off to collect my new headboard for me and then my friend Jacqui arrived. We loaded her car and did the same when my sister Lynn got to me and as well as Graeme’s truck whe he got back.

We then headed off to unload before the moving van arrived. The last move was done by just Graeme and me, but with my little hernia situation, I decided that I was not prepared to risk lifting couches and beds and fridges and such this time. They loaded it so quickly and unloaded in a flash and we all had the energy to get things done instead of being exhausted from moving the heavy things.

My sister is an organisational guru! I’m so grateful for her and her willingness to always help. She took over the packing and sorting of the kitchen. She’s helped me sort a good few of my kitchens when I’ve moved and I love her approach. She knew that I had said over and over that, I was downsizing and needed to be ruthless about what I need, and boy, there was a point where I felt like a little girl as she instructed me that three containers had to be downsized to one. As I stood there, for a moment feeling like a deer in the headlights and not wanting to make the decisions, I dug deep and remembered my promise to myself that I was going to let go and I made the decisions and choices and let things go. From glasses that I’ve never used, ornaments I no longer love and things that are no longer bringing me joy.

Decluttering a lot of from previous lifetimes and old versions of myself is unsettling, and as much as you know you want to, it can take a lot of guts to let stuff go, but it is freeing at the same time.

“I am cleaning out the closets of my mind” – Louise Hay, Affirmation

Sunday morning I started the day by drinking my tea outside befor the sun even peeped over the ridge and watched the birds having their breakfast. More decluttering, sorting and packing followed.

My sister picked me up and we headed off to purchase a TV stand. Finally, my TV had a proper stand and then she so generously gifted me a little DVD/CD player as a house warming gift. In this move, I said that I was not going to keep things that no longer work properly or are broken, etc. The little HiFi I had, which I think my children’s bonus mom had given them, would play when it felt like it and I hardly ever used it as it just frustrated me. So I let it go, happily. We also stopped off for breakfast and then headed to MRP Home for a few items.

We sifted and sorted and then my sister took all the things I had let go home with her to give to a charity that we support.

And there we have it, almost done with sifting, sorting, donating and letting go – and I feel so much lighter, both physically and spiritually.

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