Up, up and away in my air chariot … off to see my daughter commit herself to TJ in marriage.  I’m really excited for more than one reason, I’ll also get to see my daughter Courteney who moved to live with her Dad in July and I’ll be spending a little time exploring their neighbourhood and will at least have a point of reference when they mention school and Katy Mills.

I thought I’d share with you what I intend to carry on board with me for this 24 hour journey.  Although I have traveled to the USA before, the total travel time was around 15 hours as we were living in Germany at the time.  My first flight is to Paris and is approximately 10 hours with a short stop in Paris and then on to Houston, total travel time around 24 hours.  I’d usually not stress too much but after 10 hours, everything starts to become irritating, so I am preparing well for this journey.

My ‘can’t do withouts’ are my tooth brush, face wash, moisturiser/tinted moisturiser, wet wipes, breath mints and pashmina, bactroban nasal, headache tabs, sinus spray, Rescue (homeopath calming/irritability/sleeplessness tabs), my camera, a change of underwear, deodorant, hairbrush, magazine, book, water bottle and of course, my passport and flight details – but those will go in my handbag which will fit into my travel bag and which will also house my purse, phone and makeup bag.

As tempting as it is to keep with the fashionista persona, I know that hours on a plane in the cheap seats, the best thing to do is to dress for comfort … my standard travel outfit is leggings, a long tunic, boots (flat – you never know when you have to run for a connecting flight) or sneakers and my pashmina (every time I’ve flown its come in handy in the middle of the night for extra warmth).

Brown BootsHow I dream of looking …

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